Brazil and the Changing World - A Talk by Jim O'Neill

15 January 2013

A talk by Jim O’neill from Goldman Sacks Asset Management.

Jim O'Neill (who is credited with coming up with the term BRIC) to give a talk about Brazil and the changing world to kick off our list of events scheduled for the beginning of 2013.  

Date:  15th January 2013
Time: From 8:30 am to 10 am

The event took the format of a breakfast seminar; guests were invited to register, network and enjoy a spot of breakfast before the talk.  

Topics discussed:

  • What is Brazil's Growth trend?
  • How does the new China influence Brazil.
  • What can Brazil do better?
  • Is the 2nd decade of the B in BRIC going to be tougher?


To hear Jim's talk please click below:

Brazil and the Changing World by Jim O'Neill wmv