Disputes in Brazil: Reducing risk - Roundtable discussion

5 June 2019

Disputes in Brazil: Reducing risk


In an informal and practical session, we will discuss how the risk of pursuing claims in Brazil can be reduced including through the use of litigation funding.


When: June 5 2019 at 08:00 am

Where: Harbour Litigation Funding, 8 Waterloo Place, 4th Floor, London SW1Y 4BE


One of the first key considerations in pursuing a claim is understanding its value at an early stage to understand whether pursuing the claim is commercially viable. Even then, no matter how good or valuable a claim may be, the costs of pursuing it can be a significant chunk of your legal budget. Using litigation funding can remove the pressures that the legal and finance teams face in managing legal budgets, reduces the financial impact on your P&L sheets and ultimately eliminates the risk of losing a claim pursued.


In a practical session focused on claims in Brazil, Francisco Ferreira of Aroeira Salles Advogados will discuss his experience of disputes in the country, the steps for getting to grips with the strengths, risks and value of your claim at an early stage and achieving a realistic recovery. Mark King and Ellora MacPherson of Harbour Litigation Funding will also discuss how third party funding can be a useful risk-management tool for those involved in disputes in Brazil. The session will then open up and address any questions you may have. For example:

·         What benefits does arbitration bring as opposed to litigation?

·         What are the most common problems for claims in Brazil?

·         What are the key things a funder looks for when approving funding for a claim?

·         What return does a funder typically seek?


08.00am Breakfast and Networking

08.30am Formal roundtable discussion

09.45am Discussion ends followed by tea and coffee

10.00am Event closes