In the Eye of the Storm- Politics in Brazil Today

8 April 2015

In the Eye of the Storm- Politics in Brazil Today

With foreign press reporting glimpses of a country in a state of political tension, it has become no secret that Brazil has been facing various governmental challenges over the past year.

Murillo de Aragão presented an analysis of the current political landscape in Brazil, focusing on the difficulties the country now faces, and discussedsome of the key issues that have arisen as a result.

The talk focused on the relationship between government and congress, the allegations of corruption and the subsequent investigations, demonstrations on the street, the popularity of the current political party in power and the outlook for the country in years to come.



Murillo de Aragão founded Arko Advice in Brasília in 1982. He is a lawyer and holds a Master in Political Science and a PhD in Sociology (University of Brasília). Murillo is a columnist for several Brazilian newspapers, including Brasil Econômico, O Tempo and O Liberal, as well as authoring dozens of articles and political studies published both in Brazil and abroad.

Since 2010, Murillo has been a member of the Council of Economic and Social Development of the Government of the Federal District. Since 2007 he has been a member of the Council of Economic and Social Development of the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil, alongside other influential members of Brazilian civil society.

Photos by: Geraldo Cantarino