Impeachment Process in Brazil: Key Actors, Risks, Possibilities & Outcomes

14 January 2016

Join us for a breakfast briefing with Lucas Aragao of Arko Advice

With an impeachment process in its infancy, an economy heading for the worst recession in 80 years, an increasingly fragmented political environment and an ongoing corruption scandal that is targeting key players in both the business and political worlds, Brazil has seldom been this difficult to understand. 

Lucas de Aragao will endeavour to explain contemporary Brazil while focusing on what he sees as the key issues which include:

1. Impeachment - Key actors, risks and possibilities including procedure, timing and legal aspects.

 2. The political environment - main actors & prominent parties.

 3. Democracy and institutions.

 4. Potential Outcomes if Dilma stays and if Dilma goes

 5. Lava Jato - what changes & what doesn’t

8:30Registration and Breakfast
9:05Talk by Lucas Aragao


Bio: Lucas de Arag√£o is a partner and director of Arko Advice. Lucas holds a BA in Political Science (UDF) and a MA in Elections and Government (Fordham University). Aragao has received four Pollie Awards, given by the American Association of Political Consultants to the best political consultancy works of the year. He has worked as an adviser to the Republican Party in the USA and recently worked in the communications team for Marina Silva's presidential bid in the presidential elections of 2014








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