The STEM Education Hub and the scientific pedagogy in England

8 July 2021

The STEM Education Hub is an intelligence hub on teaching and disseminating science with the mission to become a haven for promoting cooperation between Brazil and the United Kingdom in research, training and innovation aimed at promoting high quality education for everyone.

Created in partnership between King's College London and British Council Brazil seeking to offer opportunities for reflection, study and collective experimentation between the two countries in STEM areas and methodologies, strengthening the use of evidence-based research for a reflective educational action geared towards the promotion of citizenship, equity and sustainable development both in basic and higher education.

This webinar gives an overview on some aspects of modern scientific pedagogy used in English schools and find out about its relevance for a country like Brazil, which has been adopting a new curriculum structure and teacher education programmes like the ones adopted in England. 

Speaker: Arthur Galamba - Senior Teaching Fellow in Science Education at King's College London.

Arthur Galamba is a senior teaching fellow in Science Education at King’s College London. His current research concerns science education and democracy, and the internationalisation of initial teacher education programmes.

Tags: Education, sustainability, science, pedagogy, innovation, citizenship, equality, development, cooperation, research, Brazil, UK.  

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