Message from the Brazilian Chamber

Trafagar square
23 March 2020

Dear Members,

We are living through very difficult times, having to observe unprecedented measures to protect our health and the wellbeing of those around us.

The Chamber exists for its members and to promote their businesses, through events and multiple other initiatives. This has been our purpose since the Chamber’s creation, in 1942, and one that we all want to continue to pursue.

To achieve that at this difficult time, we would like to call on you.

Until very recently, we had exciting seminars and business gatherings scheduled for the near future,  such as the Luso-Brazilian Networking Drinks on 18th March and the Global Trends in the Energy and Natural Resources Sector, with a Special Focus on Brazil seminar, on 26th March.  We were also supporting other events organised directly by our members, which were going to take place in the next coming months.

These have now all been cancelled, due to the present Coronavirus crisis. However, we remain resolute to return to our core activities and that they continue to be a constructive and enriching experience for all members of this Chamber and to those who attend it.

It is therefore our desire that these events should take place in the future, as soon as this becomes safe for all of us. However, at the moment, given the uncertainty and seriousness surrounding the present situation, we are unable to inform you when this will happen.

Until we are able to do this, we believe it is important to stay in touch and we would like to invite you to contribute to the Chamber’s website. You may have news about your business, even in the present adverse environment; or you may have an interesting article about an important issue that you may be able to share with our other members.
If so, please send us your news, your story or a profile to, with a link to your website or separately, as the case may be,  and we will review them for publication.

In the meantime, let’s all keep safe, each and everyone of us.

With all our best wishes,

Vera Innes (Chair of the Brazillian Chamber of Commerce)    

Colin Johnson (Vice-Chairman of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce)