Brazil in election year: consumption-led cyclical recovery and necessary reforms

17 May 2018

Presentation by Fernando Honorato Barbosa, chief economist and director of the Research and Economic Studies Department of Bradesco.

The presentation  covered the following:

- reforms that support the current growth phase;

- reasons to believe in a cyclical recovery;

- economic challenges for the next president to overcome, so that a cyclical recovery becomes a sustained recovery;

- the chances of Brazil regaining its investment grade;

- comments on the current presidential race.

Fernando Honorato Barbosa is currently chief economist and director of the Research and Economic Studies Department of Bradesco. He is also vice president of the macroeconomics committee of Anbima, a member of Fiesp's senior economics board, of Funcex and a guest member of the G100. During his 15 years in the Bradesco organization, he has held several positions. He was executive superintendent and chief economist, and responsible for the credit and stock research areas of Bradesco Asset Management (2011-2016), deputy chief economist at the Bank's Economics Department (2008-2011), chief economist at Bradesco BBI (2007-2008) and senior economist at Bradesco from 2003 to 2007. He has 20 years of experience in economic analysis and has articles published in magazines, newspapers and books in Brazil and abroad. As well as his experience with Bradesco, he also worked for BBVA, BankBoston and Rosenberg & Associados. Fernando Honorato Barbosa has a master's and a degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo (USP) and PMD in management by IESE. His academic work focuses on the Brazilian foreign sector and macroeconomic policies from the Real Plan. He is a regular participant in events organized by the Central Bank of Brazil, Ministry of Finance, National Treasury and IMF.

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