Breakfast Seminar on Brazilian Consumers

21 March 2012

Breakfast Seminar on Brazilian Consumers

19th April 2012

Janaina Roque (Integration Consulting) and Adriana Ribeiro (Former Pepsico)gave an overview on the Brazilian consumers and consumer goods industry.

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Janaina Roque is a director for Integration Consulting, with experience in a number of different industries, with focus in retail and consumer goods. She spent 6 years in Brazil before moving to Mexico, Argentina and finally London. She currently runs Integration's operations in Europe, and has been serving clients in the UK, Germany, Spain, Austria and France, among others.

Adriana Ribeiro has worked at Pepsico for more than 10 years, occupying different positions in the marketing area until assuming the position of Marketing Director in 2005. She has also experience in Mexico, US and the UK, and since Jan 2012 she is studying at London Business School, reading to complete a MSc in Leadership and Strategy.

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